IHOP review

The closest IHOP to me is a four hour drive away and we would have to cross the border into the States. For whatever reason, I have always wanted to go to IHOP. I went once like 8 years ago on our way to Jersey and I don’t even remember if it was good. IContinue reading “IHOP review”

Eiffel Tower tour in Las Vegas review

Facebook recently reminded me of the girls trip we took two years ago to Las Vegas. I put together a montage of the pictures we took and some videos too. It turned out pretty great if I don’t say so myself! It was so nice to look back on the great trip we had! OneContinue reading “Eiffel Tower tour in Las Vegas review”

Vacation time

This past week and next week as well my mom is on vacation. It has been so nice to have a change of routine and an actual adult to talk to all day long! I’m so thankful that we are so close and that she doesn’t mind spending all her time with me… So farContinue reading “Vacation time”