Benjamin’s 10 month update

Benjamin turned 10 months old last week but we had a doctors appointment yesterday so I wanted to wait to hear the results before writing a blog post. So at 10 months old, Benji has 4 teeth (two top, two bottom,) says the words “dada,” “nana,” “num num,” and very occasionally the word “mama.” HeContinue reading “Benjamin’s 10 month update”

9 month update

Quick post and update tonight as we’ve been very busy and I already forgot to post last night… Nora’s daddy has been on vacation these last two weeks and I never want them to end! We’ve done so much, and I could watch the two of them interact all day long. We started this habitContinue reading “9 month update”

Nora’s 7 month update

As I sit here and think about my already 7 month old, I feel like she is a completely different baby than she was a month ago. She’s developed this whole new side to her in such a short little time. Now don’t get your hopes too high, she’s still little miss anti-social but nowContinue reading “Nora’s 7 month update”