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Christmas Sugar Cookie recipe

I love traditions and ever since I can remember, my grandmother would get all my cousins, sisters and I together to make Christmas crafts. It quickly became one of our favorite days of the year but as we’ve all gotten old (as has she), it has become harder to do. Therefore, this year I decided…… Continue reading Christmas Sugar Cookie recipe

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Summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce recipe

As I was looking for nice, easy, non-cook recipes during our heat wave, I came across this one and it’s all I could think about for days. The thought of fresh, crunchy veggies and a nice peanut sauce got me all like mmmm… Let me tell you though, I knew it was going to be…… Continue reading Summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce recipe

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One Pan Healthy Sausage & Veggie recipe

In honour of International Women’s Day, I decided to post about something we do best, in the kitchen of course! Just joking, but in all honestly, ever since becoming a mother I’ve taken (or tried to) take on the role of “housewife.” A year ago I was the girl that couldn’t boil a pot of…… Continue reading One Pan Healthy Sausage & Veggie recipe