Happy 4 months baby!

Yes, yes. 4 months already! How is it even possible?! Just like the big girl that she is, Nora Grace caught her first cold this week. When she started showing symptoms on Sunday night, I was sooo nervous. Poor little baby was having trouble breathing and we had to pick her up to clear itContinue reading “Happy 4 months baby!”

A long week

This week has been a tough one. I know there will be worse, but I also know there will be better. Nora has had me up at 4:30am everyday this week ready to start her day. I know there are mommy’s who have it worse during this stage with their LO’s waking up every hour,Continue reading “A long week”

It’s crunch time

30 weeks. Already. How.  I have gone into full blown panic I-have-so-much-to-do mode.  And then I sit at home and do nothing.  Part of me tells myself it’s because I’m waiting for the nursery furniture to come in and for the baby shower to pass (they better happen soon) and the other part of meContinue reading “It’s crunch time”