I was going to talk about how crazy the holidays were with our two under two but as I sat here thinking about what to write, I realized I shouldn’t be complaining. Yes, it was chaotic but we are so overly blessed to be surrounded by so much family and friends, and you know what?Continue reading “GROWING instead of CHANGING.”

Introducing Baby B

Lets try this again…even though Baby B is already 4 weeks old, he still deserves an introductory post… I know this post would have been written differently had I written it 3 weeks ago like originally planned, but having two babies is proving to be a lot more difficult than I anticipated. So Baby BenjaminContinue reading “Introducing Baby B”


I had so many plans for this weeks blog post. I wanted to either finish Nora’s birth story and finally get it posted, I wanted to write a “Letter to my Daughter on her First Birthday,” or something else special to symbolize the day. But of course I had the busiest week like ever. AContinue reading “Overwhelmed”

Going into preterm labour pt 2

The ambulance ride to the other hospital was the worst. I really think they should invest in some new shocks. It was so bumpy, that I felt like I was flailing everywhere and the contractions were getting worse and worse. All I wanted was to curl up in a ball to stop the pain butContinue reading “Going into preterm labour pt 2”

5 things to do differently next time I go camping with a baby

Gah it’s been a long week. I’m not sure if I’m still overtired from camping last weekend and from Nora being sick or what but omg. Not only is miss Nora Grace super hyper and crawling all over the house but Mr Baby B is sitting so uncomfortably it’s giving me horrible back and tailContinue reading “5 things to do differently next time I go camping with a baby”

9 month update

Quick post and update tonight as we’ve been very busy and I already forgot to post last night… Nora’s daddy has been on vacation these last two weeks and I never want them to end! We’ve done so much, and I could watch the two of them interact all day long. We started this habitContinue reading “9 month update”

Big news

Ahhh! I’m so excited to FINALLY share our big news!! Nora’s going to be a big sister at the end of November!! Yes, yes, I know we’re crazy. That makes them 12 months, if not less, apart. I was so conflicted if I wanted to have two babies or give Nora all the attention forContinue reading “Big news”

Sleepless nights

Ever since the day Nora was born, I was very fortunate in getting a good nights sleep. She did stretches of 5-6 hours right from the beginning and in no time was doing 11-12 hour nights. She had recently starting waking up once overnight for a bottle, but I knew that made sense as sheContinue reading “Sleepless nights”

Sleep training

So I heard that the best time for sleep training is during the 4 month regression. This is when babies start to learn how to self sooth and you’re up all night anyways right? Well two weeks ago miss Nora Grace had only a few nights of being up all night. She would settle backContinue reading “Sleep training”