I saw this on Instagram and got the courage up to join the movement and support fellow mamas! This is my postpartum…(summed up of course! There’s so much more I could say) It’s the XL jogging pants you keep wearing because it’s the only thing that fits comfortably. It’s the throw up/ booger stained shirtContinue reading “#this_is_postpartum”

31 weeks and baking

I must say this week has been a good week. I don’t want to jinx myself but with all the hard days I’ve been having I have to embrace the good ones while they’re here. I’ve been keeping myself happy with hot chocolate and baking. Yes, you read that right. I have baked something newContinue reading “31 weeks and baking”

25 week update

Short post tonight as I had a rough week and am seriously in need of a nap. Had our first scare yesterday which ended up in a short hospital visit but I will post the details when we have the results of the tests because I am still a bit freaked out and the notContinue reading “25 week update”