Hey everyone!

My name is Brittany and I am one of the co-founders of this blog! We started at the end of December in 2016 and I have loved everything about it. I finally graduated university with a degree in English Literature! I currently work full-time as a customs broker, but literature and beauty are some of my passions. I also have an addiction to travelling, I love going to new places and experiencing new things. I love to bake, read, write, and nap. Sephora and Indigo are two of my happy places. I usually have a book and lipstick in my bag at all times, always have to be prepared! I’m a seriously planner and though my makeup collection is usually a mess, I have a need for organization.

I am now the owner of three three-legged puppies with my long-term boyfriend, so it has been quite the adventure for us so far. One is a Husky/German Shepard mix puppy named Spirit, Gallagher is a Black lab mix and our little Stella is a puggle (pug/beagle mix) Picture to come!



Gallagher was either abused terribly by a previous family or hit by a car  His leg was severely broken in multiple places and just couldn’t be saved. He was rescued from and we took him in after his operation. This happened to him when he was only about 4-5 months old.
Spirit 2


Spirit was a dog left loose in the north. He got his paw stuck in a hunting trap and someone thankfully happened to find him. He was then flown into Montreal for emergency surgery at 8 weeks old. That’s when we found out about him and took him into our family.





I have become addicted to Project Pan posts on Instagram. So much so that I have started my own page on here to share my experience with you guys. I am loving the feeling of accomplishment when I finish something. I have known the others in this blog for quite a while (I’m talking over ten years here!) and I am very excited that we have started to grow a little bit. I look forward to bringing you guys more of what you want and talking about the products I love… or totally hate!

I have loved this experience so far, and I look forward to posting more and continuing to grow our blog in the future.