2 Months Later

Adilyn is 2 months old! Okay she’s a little older than that now but it’s fine. Here’s a 2 month update and the 3 month one will be coming soon too!

Adilyn is sleeping alright in her crib. We have it in our room but have been working on transitioning her out of her swaddle! There were a couple of nights where she slept a whole 6 hours straight! That’s not happening anymore but those were nice.

She smiles at us more now, and it’s not just has anymore. She likes to make cute sounds and she’s so cute I want to cry. I actually have cried because I couldn’t handle how cute she is.

I saw my OB for my postpartum checkup and I’m all good! I did speak to her about still crying a lot and she said baby blues can last up to three months. I know it’s going to go longer than that for me and that I’ll probably end up needing to to get help but we will see what happens.

I finally got her in to see a paediatrician and I had no idea what was in store for us. The fontanel in the front of her head is measuring small. The dr said it might just be small and that’s fine but if it is closing we have a problem and will need to go for all kinds of tests. We are going back soon for another measurement. Adilyn has Torticollis and needs to see a physiotherapist. I made the appointment and it was canceled the day of because they have covid so I’ve rescheduled elsewhere but still have to wait 2 more weeks. She also has something going on with her lower back/spine and we were sent for an ultrasound. Now we wait on that to see what’s going on but I will have more info in her 3 month update.

We got her two month vaccines and oh man that sucked. Getting them done was okay, she cried a little bit I didn’t (which is impressive). That night Julie came to visit us as I was staying at my parents place alone and I am oh so thankful that she did. Adilyn was fussy, sleeping more, and crying in her sleep. It was breaking my heart and that’s when I started crying. Julie got us some medication, Tempra for the baby and chocolate for me.

Likes: Nemo play mat, contact naps, pulling hair, and bath time.

Dislikes: Being put down for naps, when her pacifier falls out, and being cold.



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