Adilyn’s Birth Story

I’m writing this as I’m going through labour so I don’t forget anything! Obviously I’ll have to come back and add in some info as I won’t be sitting here writing while pushing but close enough.

So the procedure we did was with Cervidil. It’s a tampon they insert for 12 hours which is just to soften the cervix. My cervix was hard and completely closed which obviously isn’t ideal for induction. Only about 5% of women will go into labour with it. Usually it softens the cervix and then they do something else to get the labour going. They inserted it at about 7pm and by 7:30pm I started getting some contractions. They got progressively worse. They ended up removing the tampon around 1:30am as my water broke at around 1:15am.

The nurse was in the room when it happened and I just blurted out that I either pissed myself or my water broke and then I burst into tears.

I didn’t get the epidural until almost 7am so we were up all night. As of 7am I was 2cm dilated. Once I had the epidural we kind of dozed on and off a little but the nurses were in and out constantly so we didn’t sleep much. At 9 I told the nurse that I was feeling a lot of pressure and it was really hurting. They checked me again and I was already at 8cm. They upped my epidural dosage as much as they could but I was feeling everything at that point.

The day nurse was super nice and it wasn’t my first time seeing her. I hit 9cm so she went to check with the dr to make sure I could start pushing. She came right back in and told Kyle to grab a leg cause we were doing this now. Poor Kyle was not expecting that and neither was I! I pushed until they could see the top of her head and then the dr came in for the rest.

I don’t even know how to describe the experience other than saying it was surreal. I pushed on my own time when I was ready. I think that made a huge difference for me since it was all on my time and when it felt right fo me. Towards the end they asked if I wanted a break and I just wanted her out at that point so we kept going. All in all I pushed for a little under an hour.

Adilyn was born at 10:44am on December 5th. She weighed 8lbs 11oz and was about 53cm long so around 20 inches. She had a full head of hair that has gotten much lighter since.

She’s almost three weeks now but I’ll post about our first two weeks soon! I’m trying to stay on top of the things but the struggle is real.

I feel like compared to my pregnancy, I had a relatively easy labour. I still needed stitches as I had second degree tearing and a lot of blood lose. I’ve always heard really bad labour stories. It’s hard hearing about all the horror stories because it freaked me out and I was so nervous. I listened to countless podcasts and read all about it and so many of them said not to listen to the traumatic stories because it would make things harder. I’m hoping anyone reading this and going into labour in the future, that maybe this will help.



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