Toddler (age 3-4) Christmas Gift Guide 🎄

I haven’t posted in awhile but I’m here to share a quick toddler gift guide! Lots of people have been asking so here are our latest favourite toys.

1. PicassoTiles

These will always be the first toy I’ll recommend to anyone with toddlers. These magnet tiles have been played with non stop for the past year. They promote so much creativity.

Click here for the Amazon link.

2. Coco Village Pretend Play Food

As much as I’d like to recommend ALL of Coco Village’s products, I must admit their play food is by far my kid’s favourite. These items were recently gifted to us and both of them have been having soo much fun!

Coco Village is currently having a HUGE Black Friday sale so click here to shop it now. You can also use our code: beautybrainsxo10 to save an additional 10% on your order.

You can visit their Instagram here!

#cocovillage #getcocozy

3. Playmobil

My son is still constantly playing with véhicules but he has recently taking a liking to Playmobil. He has both the recycling and the fire truck and loves acting out scenes with both of them. Click here for the Amazon link

4. Polly Pocket

I swear all my kids do is pretend play haha but my daughter is loving her Polly Pockets right now. So many ways to incorporate them into her scenes and she brings them everywhere with her. Click here for one of her favs!

5. Art Easel

Very excited to gift this to my toddlers for Christmas! I love the new design they came out with this year. It folds up for easy storage which might have been what convinced me to get this one. Click here to buy it now before it goes out of stock again!

What are toddlers favourite toys right now? We still need a few ideas for the upcoming holiday!



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