39 Weeks – Still Not Dilated

You guys! I just had my dr appointment and I’m still not dilated at all. Nothing! What the Hell? I’m scheduled to see my dr again next week but hopefully I’ll go into labour before then.

I’ll see her Thursday and if still no baby, we are going to talk about induction. Well we talked about it a bit today but we will actually schedule it. I asked what the process is because I don’t have high hopes about dilating. She said they’d insert a tampon with something on it (I can’t remember the name) for 12 hours which will help soften the cervix so I’d dilate. I’d then go into the hospital the Friday morning which is when she’s on call so they can remove it and see how my cervix is doing. Then there are drugs and all to help move things along but it is all very we will see what happens.

Also, my blood pressure has gone back down so it’s not borderline anymore. I have no idea what made it change but I’m happy about that! One less thing to be worried about. Baby’s heartbeat is strong and she still wiggles around pretty often! She’s gotten so big that sometimes those wiggles hurt though, especially when her feet are in my ribs and I have to push them back out. That part isn’t so fun.

Currently me

As of this weekend Kyle will be staying in Montréal with me while we wait for Bean to decide she’s ready to come out! Im definitely looking forward to that because I’ve been feeling so paranoid. Any time I feel anything I’m like oh man, what if it’s labour? Will he make it in time? It has been stressing me out. I’m doing research on what will help start natural labour though in hopes that I won’t have to wait all the way until next weekend.

Current to do List: Still need to wrap the Christmas gifts. Finish my current puzzle, and the dishcloth I’m knitting.

Mood: Hormonal AF. I cried at a video of Adele reuniting with her teacher. Also at a proposal video. I’m feeling extra sensitive.

Cravings: Iced peppermint mocha with no whip cream from Starbucks. So good! Also General Tao all the time.

Dislikes: Not knowing when this baby is going to make her grand arrival. Also the green mint jelly beans. I had one the other day and YUCK. I’m also not liking how uncomfortable it is to try to sleep.



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