37 Weeks – Are We There Yet?

I feel like a child on a VERY long road trip. All I keep thinking is are we there yet? Am I dilated yet? Is that a contraction yet or still Braxton Hicks? My doctor told me at this point it could be any day. I don’t know if that was helpful or made me more anxious to get this baby here. I keep thinking sure, today is a good day to have the baby and she just stays all cozy in there like no thank you.

I know I’m only in the 37th week and I could still have like 3 more weeks but I can’t help but want this baby out. I think it’s because the farther I get, the more pain I’m in with this SPD thing. Everything is so painful, I can’t sit for long, stand too much, or even lay down for too long. I’m beyond restless at this point.

I saw the dr yesterday and apparently everything is still all good but my blood pressure is now borderline. She took me off the pills I was on for blood pressure so I guess we will see. As of next week she will start checking if I am dilated or not so I’m just looking for easy things to do to kill time.

Knitting has been one thing I’ve stepped up on again. I’m on a bit of a roll with that. I finished a puzzle, and now I don’t really know what else to do. I also wrapped all the Christmas gifts I’ve gotten so far! I’m so close to being done with my shopping which I think is the earliest I’ve ever done it!

Current to do List: Finish off the Christmas shopping. Organize baby clothes.

Mood: Restless and anxious. I don’t really know what else to do with myself any more.

Cravings: Ice water. Iced peppermint mochas from Starbucks! They taste like the After Eight chocolates.

Dislikes: Onions. I smelt some raw ones this weekend and yuck! Also Braxton Hicks. I hate sitting here trying to figure out if I’m in labour or not.

I’m open to any recommendations on what to do with myself! I guess I need more hobbies.



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