36 Weeks – It’s Baby Month

Somehow we have officially moved into November and it is baby month! Well as long as Bean doesn’t come too late. Not only am I counting the weeks I’m also counting it as days. So I either have about 3 and a half weeks left or 25 days! I can’t decide which one stresses me out more.

Kyle and I took some maternity pictures together last weekend. We did it ourselves with my tripod and I love them so much! I’m so thankful he’s so patient and willing to help me get all the pictures I want. I already thought of a couple more of like for us to do together.

I saw my Dr yesterday and she informed me that as of next week baby could be here at any time so I need to make sure all my stuff is together and I’m like okay, don’t call me out like that. I clearly need to finish packing my hospital bag!

I still have this weird urge to accomplish random things before the baby gets here. It’s not even helpful stuff either. There’s a puzzle started and I’m now obsessed with needing it finished. It doesn’t even make sense. I also have the weird need to read a bunch of books in case I want to get rid of any. Obviously that’s somehow going to make so much room or something.

Anyways! Everything looked good at the Dr. Bean is still head down and kicking me in the ribs. Still no signs of preeclampsia which I’m very happy about! As of this week, I’ll be going into the Dr’s office every week. She hasn’t started checking if I am dilated at all but I think that usually starts next week. There was an ultrasound machine in the Dr’s room, usually there isn’t so she said since it’s in there from the previous patient let’s just use it on you too so I got to see Bean again! Her heart rate is strong too and she’s still quite the wiggle worm.

This week also marks the last week of work for me! I have a little vacation time so I’ll finish work on Friday, use the vacation time and then I’ll officially be on maternity leave! It’s so weird to think that I won’t be working for like a year. I’ve never really not been working. I babysat regularly throughout high school and then even through college and university I still worked so it feels weird to me. I know taking care of babies is still working but I’m feeling kind of lost too. It’s making me think about what I want to do with my life. Do I plan on working at my job forever? Is there something else I’d like to do? I have no idea.

Current to do List: Finish getting my hospital bag together. I also want to finish all my Christmas shopping and hopefully even the wrapping! Oh and finish a puzzle and book I guess.

Mood: It depends on what time you’re asking! Most often is anxious, tired, excited. Also a lot of restlessness too.

Cravings: Does sleep count? Mostly just ice water still.

Dislikes: Heartburn, it’s killing me. The pills help but still!



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