32 Weeks – So Close but so Far

Officially due next month, which sounds insane to me when I put it that way. About 8 more weeks to go! I still don’t know if it’s going by fast or not. I still have a million and one things to do and not much motivation to do any of them. It’s like I’m stressed because I don’t have a lot of time left but on the other hand I have no motivation to get stuff done because I keep telling myself I have lots of time left.

On the bright side, we had our Ottawa baby shower with Kyle’s side of the family so we got a bunch of stuff we needed and now I’m free to buy without the restriction of having to wait! I think the only big purchases we have left are the car seat/stroller and a glider/rocking chair. Otherwise we need to get diapers and all that kind of stuff. It definitely makes me feel a little less stressed.

I had my growth scan this week and little Bean is currently weighing in at about 4lbs! I had my Dr’s appointment that same day and she didn’t have the information yet but hopefully everything is all good. She still has a strong heartbeat and moves around fairly regularly.

I’m still an emotional rollercoaster and seem to cry way more often again. It’s really frustrating, especially when I’m feeling sad but I don’t know why I’m feeling that way so I just cry. Poor Kyle has experienced multiple breakdowns, I have to say, he handles them really well!

I’ve also been getting Braxton Hicks contractions. Man, they suck. I seem to have about 2-3 a day at this point. Sometimes more and they make me so achy. My stomach gets rock hard and it’s just so strange! I don’t think those will be going away at this point. I think I’ll have them until I get the real ones.

Current to do list: Get a car seat is pretty high at the top. That and pack our hospital bag. Notice I said pack and not make the list? PROGRESS!

Mood: Sore. Is that a mood? I’m sore at all times and it makes me so tired. Okay maybe a little irritable too. Restless too!

Cravings: Those Pillsbury sugar cookies, apple juice, fruit punch, and apple crisp. I’ve been rotating through those lately.

Dislikes: Leaving the house! I think it’s because I get so sore. Also anyone with a cold, it’s not that I dislike them but I’m avoiding them as much as possible! I REALLY don’t want to be getting sick right now.



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