30 weeks – The Countdown is on

Another day another Dr’s appointment, or blood test, or shot, it’s always something. I’m actually writing this while I sit in the hospital waiting room. I just had a blood test and I need to wait for the blood bank. Because of my blood type I need to get the WinRho shot. I figured now would be the perfect time to write an update as I’ll be sitting here for like an hour and a half.

At about 28 weeks we had another trip the the hospital because I couldn’t get the baby to move. After about 7 hours she started moving again but man she stressed me out! They hooked me up to monitors and of course within like 30 minutes of being there she started moving. She’s stubborn already! We learned about kick counts and what to watch for. Music was one of the things that supposedly gets them moving and seems like our little Bean is an ABBA fan!

She also seems to recognize Kyle voice cause she starts moving around when she can hear him! He now serenades her with Dancing Queen which I absolutely love! Now when we FaceTime she starts moving around too which makes me happy. He usually ends up resting his hand on my tummy when he’s sleeping and I’m not sure if he even realizes it.

As of Monday I am officially back to work on reduced hours. I’ll be doing half shifts. It’s weird to think in about 10 or so weeks I’ll be having a baby. It seems so close but somehow so far away. I have a million things to do but as usual, I’m doing some serious procrastinating! On the bright side, Kyle has the crib built! Do I have the mattress for it yet? No, but I have the sheets! I’m working on it haha.

I finally gained a little bit of weight which is honestly making me feel torn between I can’t believe I’m gaining weight and thankful because I know I needed to! It’s weird to think that I went most of my life thinking about my weight and how I struggled with the fluctuating numbers. Now when I see it’s gone up I still have an initial panicked reaction before I remind myself that no, this is important. My baby needs this and it’s perfectly normal.

I got a prescription for something to help with the heartburn. I also got a belly band to use if I know I’ll be on the move a lot because of the pelvic pain I have. I talked to my dr about it and she says she believes it SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction). She says there are a few things I can do to help it but it won’t go away so I’m going to try those things anyways! Anything that will help, I’m down to try.

Current to do list: Still have to make the hospital bag list (oops). Get a crib mattress. Buy a new office chair.

Mood: All of them. I’m so emotional again so I cry a lot. Poor Kyle, we will be having a normal conversation but then I burst into tears cause I feel sad.

Cravings: Fruit by the foot and apple juice. Yum! Not together though. Once in a while hot chocolate but not if it’s hot out.

Dislikes: Still coffee. I tried an iced coffee and had so many regrets. Also, heartburn. Everything gives me heartburn!



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