27 Week Update

Well! A lot has happened since my last update at 20 weeks. I was on bed rest, off bed rest, had a baby shower, and packed up my condo to move out in the next few days.

First up is bed rest. I noticed I was leaking a watery substance and thought it might be my amniotic fluid. I called labour & delivery at the hospital my OB is associated at and they told me to head on in. They took a pee sample and the OB on call did an ultrasound. That’s it. He thought I might have a small tear which was causing the leaking so he put me on bed rest until my next appointment with my regular OB. I met with her and she had me meet her at the hospital the following day so she can figure out what was going on. Leaking water is not something that should have been so easily brushed off.

I’m so grateful to her because she ran all kinds of tests only to find out it was a really bad yeast infection! I had no symptoms and the watery discharge is less common. Apparently yeast infections are extremely common during pregnancy and we have no idea why the first dr didn’t check for more possibilities. It was like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders and I couldn’t be more relieved.

Now I’ve just had bad pelvic pain that I need to talk to my dr about next week. I did my glucose test and will see if all is good next week and I have another round of blood tests to do for my endocrinologist to see if we’ve found the right dosage for the thyroid pills he prescribed me.

We had my Montreal baby shower and the theme was Winnie the Pooh! I say my Montreal one because my boyfriends family is all in Ottawa and I’ll be heading there for an October shower! We got so many of our must have items and I’m doing my best not to go into a shopping frenzy until after the Ottawa shower but let me tell you, the struggle is very real.

Now for my condo! I can’t remember but I think I mentioned that I had sold it. Well moving time is almost here so my boyfriend and I will finish the rest of the packing this upcoming weekend so everything will be good to go! I feel like there is just so much left to do and only so much time left. I’m doing my very best not to stress out about everything all the time but I’m definitely the type of person that worries a lot!

My current to do list: more blood tests, finish packing, and make my hospital bag list.

Mood: Tired and emotional.

Cravings: Haven’t really been having any to be honest. Ice water is still amazing.

Dislikes: I’m trying to stop saying people. Still the smell of coffee and hot drinks. But I also kind of want a hot chocolate so I don’t know about that.



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