Stranger in the Lake Book Review

Ahh to be on vacation again! My boyfriend and I spent a week at the cottage and not only did I do some serious napping but I also got some reading done! First up was Stranger in the Lake by Kimberly Belle.

Kimberly Belle is known for her thrillers and Stranger in the Lake is no exception! I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but this book actually kept me guessing. It took me some time to solve part of it but even then, there was a twist I didn’t see coming! Those are my favourite.

The book follows our main character, Charlotte. She grew up in the trailer park, basically raising her little brother. She sends the small town gossips into a tizzy when she marries a very wealthy widow named Paul. His first wife died of a drowning in the lake behind their house and washed up at the dock. She was a great swimmer so people were immediately suspicious but it ended up being ruled an accident. A lot of the towns people still think he’s responsible and they can’t believe that Charlotte married him. A few years later, another woman is also found dead under that same dock. Weird coincidence right?

Charlotte notices her husband has started acted weird and slowly tries to piece together what she does know. She also realizes that her husband is full of secrets and she doesn’t actually know all that much about him. Not only does a lot of the town suspect Paul but she is starting to as well.

I definitely recommend checking this one out if you like mysteries that you don’t actually solve within the first few pages. I flew through this one and plan on looking for more books by the author.

What are you currently reading?



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