Our Favourite Podcasts

I’m always trying to find new podcasts to listen to as I’ve been binge listening to a few for a while and I’m looking for something new. I thought I’d share some of our favourites for anyone looking to try some new ones! I’m not too sure how to break these down so you’ll have to bare with me.

My Favorite Murder:

I’ve been listening to this one since the beginning. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark launched My Favorite Murder in 2016 and it has taken off. I’m talking 2 books (one is in the works), global Murderinos, live shows in North America and Europe, as well as their very own podcast network. If you’ve been listening then you know that the fans are called Murderinos and that you can join their fan cult. They’ve released all kinds of merch with some of their funny advice. It may be funny but also extremely practical, some include not having to be polite to strange men talking to you, staying out of the forest, and calling your dad if you get caught up in a cult. Their podcast is true crime/comedy, though they often talk about mental health and highly recommend therapy. At this point they’ve even started up the Exactly Right network which hosts multiple podcasts. They were doing their live shows before the pandemic but obviously those are on hold now. You get a mini episode on Mondays, this is where they read out our hometown stories. The full episodes come out on Thursdays and this is where the full true crime stories come in.

The Papaya Podcast:

Sarah Nicole Landry is a fellow Canadian. She is currently living in Ontario and often promotes a lot of small businesses. She Launched The Papaya Podcast in 2019 and releases episodes every Monday. She does have solo episodes but more often than not, she has a guest in to talk about their stories. This one falls under the mental health genre. The episodes are always inspiring and bringing in guests to speak on things she doesn’t necessarily know about makes it even better. I’ve learned a lot from her and she’s great to follow on Instagram too! She has four kids and talks about motherhood. Her oldest is a teenager and her youngest is just a couple of months old. Her content is so real which makes her all the more relatable. Her baby is too cute, and she often share the reality of motherhood, and postpartum realness. Everything from leaky boobs, to diaper blowouts, to just being touched out.

Unruffled with Janet Lansbury

The podcast started in 2015 and is still going today. Janet Lansbury is an advisor, an author, and has her own site. She promotes respectful parenting which helps create relationships of respect, love, and trust between children and caregivers. She doesn’t just cover babies and toddlers but deals with up to teenagers too which I feel isn’t as common. One thing that is pretty great is that she discusses topics from other parents. It makes it feel more relatable knowing others are going through it too. The podcast is informative and so inspiring. There is so much to learn and its great that she brings guests onto the show too. It always brings in another prospective which is nice. You can also book a private consultation with Janet or her associate Lisa, though that was put on hold for now. It seems like the plan is to have some recorded (with permission of course) and then posted on the podcast which I think is a pretty great idea. I can’t wait to see more from her!

What podcasts do you recommend? We are always looking for more!



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