21 in 2021 Project Pan

I’ve been seeing this trend a lot on Reddit so I decided I wanted to join in on it. I’ve chosen 21 products that I either want to hit pan on or completely use up by the end of 2021. I know a few of these are almost done so as I finish one, I’ll add in another one. I don’t think I’ll finish them all but I’d like to at least hit pan on some of the shadows. I know I can finish the masks off, at least one mascara, one liner, and one lipstick.

I have a few empties since my last post at the end of October. It really isn’t that much but I’m happy I finished off some of these foil ones. I have more than I care to admit but I’m finally starting to work through them faster than they are coming in. The rest is all pretty standard stuff. I need to start finishing some of my makeup products. Those are definitely coming in way faster than going out. I’ve made decent progress on a couple of the products on my list but I haven’t finished any of them yet. My Revlon mascara is almost done. It’s one of my favourites but it is taking way more coats than usual. Its either starting to dry up or I’m actually using it up. I’ll probably need to switch it out in March.

I started this on January 1st and have made a bit of progress. The eye cream is almost empty so that should be done within the month. I’ve made some progress on the lip products which I’m happy about! I haven’t used all the products yet but the fact that I’ve even used any lip products makes me happy. Here’s hoping I can actually stick with this project though! I tend to only last a couple months because I get bored of it. I’m hoping by adding new products once I finish something, it might help me stay motivated.

I know I’m going to be buying more products because Jaclyn Hill announced that she’s launching some this year and I am obsessed with the highlights she released and her palettes with Morphe. I have no idea what she’s launching though so there’s a small chance I won’t order it but you know… I doubt that!

Have you seen this trend going around? Are you participating? I’d love to see if you have any posts about it!



2 thoughts on “21 in 2021 Project Pan

  1. I am also doing a Project 21 Pan. I selected a handful of products to focus on and I ended up hitting pan in a different powder. I AM COUNTING IT. lol. I was super shocked, so even if it isn’t on my list, I am counting it towards my goal. Only 20 more to go…


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