Project Pan 2020 – October Update

Well this took me longer than expected! I moved a little over a week ago and I’m mostly settled in so I finally took pictures for my empties and which products I’m going to work through next. Montreal is back in lockdown so I’m basically going to wear some makeup at home and work on some skincare stuff.

First, the empties. I didn’t finish everything I wanted to, no surprise there. But I did manage to clear out a few things so it’s all good. That’s still 14 things emptied and cleared out. It’s funny because 14 seems like a lot but I really thought I hadn’t done well. It may not have been the stuff I wanted but it’s still stuff gone so I just need to remember that!

I was trying to figure out some things that I thought I could still use even though I basically only go to the grocery store now. It is mostly skincare but I threw in a couple of makeup products in hopes that I will use them. One in particular is the little tiny Benefit brow pencil which I know I will finish. It’s a sample and I think it will probably last like two uses.

There is barely any concealer left and I use that one for under my eyes specifically so I can still use that when I’m wearing a mask. If I don’t finish it this month it will be done the one after for sure! I think I have 2-3 uses left for the hand cream too! Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself but I feel like I can totally get more than 14 empties this time. Here’s hoping I do!

Are you still working on your project pans this year? How are they going?



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