Nora + Benjamin Update 🖤

So it’s been a while. Like most of the world, I’ve been living in a bubble, in my own world. Just sitting around, waiting. A lot has and continues to go on, and as much as I’d like to touch up on all of it, this is not the place. Everyone knows and everyone has their own opinions, so let’s talk about my little family for a second. I have come to realize it has been a while since I updated on either one of my children. I have missed writing and sharing all about them. They have changed so much within the last few months!

I feel like within the last few months they have become whole new little people. Nora will be 3 in just over two months and I can’t believe it. My little baby has turned into a sassy, smart, hilarious child. I don’t feel as though she is a toddler anymore. She speaks in coherent, full sentences, and carries a conversation like you and I. She says things like ” the wind is picking up,” approriately. She has memorized her first book- I Love You Through and Through, and is working on her next one. Her current favorite shape is a Hexagon, she loves rainbows, Paw Patrol and a new movie every week. She still has very big feelings but can identify them and most of the time knows how or what she needs to do to feel better. Two weeks ago she decided she wanted to be potty trained and it been going amazing so far! It is just another reminder of how big she is getting. She is still Daddy’s little girl, and has been more than happy to have him working from home the last few months. Nora loves to sing and dance, and play with little characters and animals. She has such an imagination. The floor has been called a river for as long as I can remember. She is my best friend and I love the little girl she is becoming.

Benjamin is now 21 months old, he will be 2 in three months. Everyone is amazed at how much he has changed. Now that he is feeling better, he has become this funny little social butterfly. He is the first to run up to all the children (and parents) at the park, he speaks in full sentences, can count to 12, knows his abcs, as well as identify some letters and numbers. He loves to sing, is obsessed with trains and tractors, or anything that has wheels. He loves Cocomelon, Paw Patrol and Number Blocks, and has almost memorized the same book as his sister. He is constantly asking questions and wondering how things work. I love seeing his little mind go. Benjamin has started to have big feelings too, but he is very good at voicing them. He rarely hits but he loves to yell and tell us off. He is still a mommys boy, but has started sleeping in his own bed for the whole night. He is still in our bedroom but we plan on putting him with his sister soon. He tells Nora and I he loves us multiple times a day and he loves to hug and cuddle. I hope that part of him never changes.

Overall, Nora and Benjamin get along great. They often play together and love to make each other laugh. Our lives can get a little crazy sometimes but they make it so much fun. They amaze me every day with how kind and smart they are. I love this age, and I wish they could stay toddlers forever. As they get older I see how they need me less and less and now that I am no longer in that newbown fog, I am starting to miss certain things. I feel lost without the constant need to provide to one of them, and I know that I need to start figuring out who I am besides a stay at home mom. It is the greatest job in the world, but unfortunately most days it doesn’t take up all my time like it used to. They are becoming little independent beings and I’m not ready. But are we ever?



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