Butter Bronzer Review

I feel like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve reviewed any beauty products! Obviously I haven’t been wearing much makeup since I barely leave the house anymore but I used this recently and realized I want to start using it more often!

I got this Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer on my one, and only, trip to Ulta in Florida! That feels like it was forever ago. I think the shade is a bit too dark for me but it works for the summer! This does come in a few different shades though and is available at places like Ulta and Walmart.

I love this packaging. When you open it, there’s the product obviously. But there is also a mirror and application sponge in it too. Plus the colours are nice!

It smells kind of like coconut! It applies so smoothly and is ridiculously buttery. The shade is a little dark for me but it blends out so easily. You can wear it with a full face of makeup obviously, but I have just been using it with mascara and brows. I use it to do a quick light contour (is there such thing as quick contour?). I find it looks good for an easy summer look! It looks smooth and natural.

Unfortunately Physicians Formula is not cruelty free which I didn’t realize. I’m pretty sure it will last me a while but I don’t think I’ll end up buying it again. At least not unless they switch.

Have you guys tried any of their products?



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