Ink is Thicker Than Water Book Review

I have definitely had more time on my hands lately. Between everything shutting down and moving back to my parents place, I’ve been reading more. I went through my bookshelf and got rid of a big box of books! I still have a lot that I don’t remember or I just never read so I’m going through those.

I know I read this book before but I couldn’t remember it so I read it again and figured I’d do a review on it! I’m sure more and more people will be looking for new books to read. This one is a YA book that I’ve had for a while.

This is all about our main girl, Kellie, and her crazy family. Her mom and stepfather run a tattoo shop, her dad is a lawyer, and she has an older adopted sibling as well as a younger half brother. She adopted sister ends up meeting her bio mom which causes some issues in the family. She also unexpectedly reunites with the boy she almost lost her virginity to and her best friend stops talking to her. As a teenager that can all be extremely overwhelming! Plenty of family drama and finding yourself and your place in that family.

t this point in life, I found it too young for me but it would make a great read for a younger audience. I’m going to pass it on to my cousins that’s are the perfect age for it. They’re in high school now so I think they’ll relate to it much more than I did. I’d recommend getting it for that age range but if you’re older you can definitely skip it. Unless you’re looking for a super easy read!

I’m already moving on to the next book on my list! Stay tuned because there will definitely be more book reviews coming your way!



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