La Catrina Restaurant Review

It has been sunny here in Montreal the last view days and it has us wishing for warmer days! Thinking about summer also has me craving the amazing fish tacos Brittany and I had at restaurant La Caterina last year!

Well actually, Brittany had them but I wish I had chosen that option too. La Caterina is a Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the Old Port in downtown Montreal. They not only have the best fish tacos around, but they also have great cocktails and amazing decor.

This is the sign that made us go in the restaurant in the first place
Their menu
Even their bathroom!

We happened to choose a very warm day to be out so the restaurant was hot but these tacos were so worth it! I chose the chicken tacos, they were good as well but a little too spicy for me.

Fish Tacos
Chicken Tacos

We went late afternoon so the restaurant was pretty empty meaning we got great service. We saw them setting up for a group reservation and we think it would be a great place to go with a bunch of friends for a nice evening out.

This restaurant definitely has summer vibes but it is actually open all year round from Thursday-Sunday. Brittany and I keep talking about how we can’t wait to go back!



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