Live Clean (baby) Tearless Shampoo & Wash Review

With the New Year and the influence of social media, I have been persuaded to start making better choices for my children. I have started switching out all of our household cleaners to plant-based, worry free ingredients. We have started an eat clean diet, and are overall trying to make better choices for our environment.

I knew switching our soaps would be next but I also knew I would have trouble with this task. I usually base my purchases on the sole reason of if it smells nice or not. I absolutely love the way my children smell coming out of the bath, but with all the negative talk around Johnson & Johnson’s, I knew it was time.

I originally started off with Baby Dove (I know it’s not plant based but I still felt like it was a better option,) but it smelt of absolutely nothing. I felt like Nora’s hair didn’t smell clean so it wasn’t clean.

I had trouble deciding which one to try next until I came across the Live Clean (baby) brand. I did not hesitate to purchase this one as I have loved their products in the past.

This Tearless Shampoo & Wash has 97% plant ingredients, free of all the parabens, dyes, and all that other bad stuff. It’s hypoallergenic, pediatrician tested, has biodegradable ingredients and even the package is recyclable. It definitely passed the “good for the environment test.”

Not only that, it smells AMAZING. I try and bathe Nora every 3 days (if permitting,) because of her eczema, and on the third day, her hair still smells like her shampoo. I am so impressed, and this is definitely going to be our new go-to! I almost like it better than her original baby shampoo and that’s saying a lot.

I’m not so sure if Nora is as happy as I am though 😉

What shampoo/wash do you use for your kids?



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