Re-Charge Sleep Mask Review

I got a bunch of these Clarins sleep mask samples from a friend of mine. Her friend works at a magazine and they had a whole lot of extra samples so some of the employees got to take them home. Anyways, they ended up with so many of them that I got some too!

I also got a bunch of the Re-Boost samples but I haven’t tried those ones yet. I’ll definitely let you know about them when I do though.

I really like this! It says you can use it as a cream or a mask which I don’t really get the difference. Anyways, the way I use it is that first I wash my face. I put it on my hands and cover my whole face. There’s enough in the package for that and then I little extra so I usually put it on my neck too. I don’t rub it in completely. So I let it air dry a bit too.

My skin looks to nice and dewy afterwards! I look like I’m glowing. I always put it on at night but maybe I should put it on in the morning. I’m curious to see how my foundation would look over it but I think that’s what the Re-Boost one is for.

I’m not sure where else you can get this but you can definitely get it at Sephora. It’s is $32 CAD for 50ml. You can also get it from the Clarins website for $29 Cad. They also give you the option of getting it as a sample with your purchase. Both sites have a lot of positive reviews.

While I have been enjoying it, I don’t plan on buying it. I know Clarins isn’t cruelty free. There are definitely equivalent or even better sleep masks/creams that you can get that are cruelty free.

Have you guys used any of their products? Did you like them?



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