Too Faced Peach Kiss Lipstick Review

I’ve really been liking the Peaches & Cream collection from Too Faced but I absolutely love the Peach Kiss lipsticks. So far I have four of them and there are still a few shades that I’m really tempted to get. I actually hav two more on the way! One is Make me Blush and the other is a trial size of Sex on the Peach. I’m excited to try those shades! They’re both light colours so I’ll probably end up using them a lot.

The first one I got had this cute little golden peach on it. Then the second didn’t, the third did, and the fourth didn’t. It didn’t make sense so I started looking into it online and found a lot of articles about that. Turns out Too Faced was involved in a lawsuit with Tatcha. Their packaging was almost identical. The only difference weas the peach on tip instead of the Tatcha emblem and the little gold peach on Too Faced versus a gold circle on the Tatcha one. So I guess Too Faced had to change their packaging? I don’t know but basically the differences now are really small like there is no gold peach and the base is gold instead of white.

Anyways, here are the four shades that I have listed from left to right. Love is a Battlefield, Drunk Dial, Bridezilla, Sunday Funday. I love all of them but I definitely wear the lighter ones more often just because they are easier to wear on a more day-to-day bases. Just like the rest of this collection, they smell like peaches and they kind of taste like it too. Obviously, don’t eat them but you can’t help but taste them a little because they are on your lips after all.

Another thing that I really like is the fact that there are little peaches engraved in all the lipsticks. It does nothing but I though that was such a cute detail.

These are like a creamy matte. They look and feel so nice. They don’t feel like they’re drying at all. They are also pretty long lasting. If you wipe your mouth the colour will come off but it also seems to stain your lips a bit which I like. This way when it wears off during the day it still looks like you have some on. I checked out some of the reviews and on the Too Faced site these lipsticks have a 4.3 star rating out of 5. Sephora reviews give them the same rating.

Have you heard about that Tatcha and Too Faced drama?



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