Olive Garden Restaurant Review

My mom has a serious Olive Garden obsession. We don’t even have any Olive Gardens in Canada so any time we go to the States she insists that we find one to go to. I’ve only been twice, once in New York City and once in Florida.

We were there back in February when we took a family trip and even before we had the trip all booked my mom was insisting that we have to have dinner at Olive Garden one night.

While I don’t see what her obsession is, I can admit that the food is good. It’s a typical American-Italian restaurant. We started off with soup/salad and obviously breadsticks. The soup was so good.

For the meal itself, I got this veggie shrimp pasta because I wanted something a little lighter. It was so good and I would definitely get it again. The portions are pretty big so I ended up eating some of it and taking the rest of it home to have for lunch the day after.

My boyfriend got the tour of Italy or something like that and it was three different smaller portions. So there were two different pastas and a lasagna piece. I didn’t get a picture of it and I realize now that I should have! Oh well, we will just have to go back!

It’s not my favourite restaurant ever but I’d go back for sure, and knowing my mom, she’ll drag us back at some point.



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