14 by Feb 14th Project Pan

I realize now that I should have posted this one a while ago since I’m already almost due for the update! These empties and measurements are all from November 15th. After taking all the measurements and pictures, I started using the products for my finish 14 products by February 14th.

So first up is a small group of empties since it was only over the span of maybe a month. I’m definitely proud of finishing the Too Faced lip product. Of course I’ve already replaced it because I’m absolutely obsessed with it.

Here is a little progress update on the lip products I was using. I’m still using the Rose profound lipstick in my next project, along with the Rebel gloss, and the OHMYGOTH eyeliner. I started a new sheet of measurements though so I can have all my products in one place.

I had a pretty big haul since last time. I got a lot of products that I’ve never tried before and a couple replacements ones that I have used. I don’t normally get so much in one shot but it was my birthday at the beginning of November so I had some free gifts and discounts. I can’t wait to try everything. I’ll obviously post reviews as I use the stuff too!

Okay so that covers all of that. Now on to the new project! I chose fourteen different products in different categories. I did choose three sheet masks to count as one item though. I’m keeping track of the progress in my notebook for the products that I can. Some I obviously want to finish but there are a few that I just really want to make progress on or at least hit pan.

I’ll be doing the next update later this month! I won’t have any products finished but hopefully I can get some decent progress!



2 thoughts on “14 by Feb 14th Project Pan

  1. Along with my blog restart, I am going to be doing progress updates like these on how I am doing at using my makeup. I have down sized dramatically by giving tons of stuff to my daughter, not buying as much only what I truly need, and by parting with makeup that I should have stopped using long before. Now, my collection is manageable and I plan on using up a good bit next year, so I have an excuse to do a good makeup haul.

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