Fall Favourites 2019

I decided to try something a little different and write up a little list of some of my fall favourites! From skin care to candles and everything in between! These products are my current obsessions and I wanted to share them with you guys.

First up, hair products. I only have two, or I guess three to put in this section. First is my ride or die hair mask, Roots, from Lush. I seriously can’t get enough of this. I be gone through on big tub of it and I’m already almost done another one! Second and third are both scrunchies, just from different places! Two are from H&M and then the other one is from Dynamite. The dynamite one came in a pack of three but the other two are more summery so I haven’t been wearing them lately. Of course both places have different patterns available but I really liked these ones. The mustard yellow one is from H&M and I also have it in black.

Skin Care was harder because I find I switch out products depending on the season and depending on how dry my skin is. There are two Drunk Elephant products that have been so good to my dry skin. Lately I’ve been using the C-Firma Day Serum a lot and the Lala Retro Whipped Cream. My skin is a lot dryer in the fall and winter so these products are a life saver.

I have so many beauty products that it was hard to narrow down. I didn’t know if I should choose one from each category, like one highlight, one blush, etc. But I figured that would just be way too long. I chose two lip products to start. The Too Faced Peach Kiss lipstick is an essential. I especially like Love is a Battlefield for fall. I’m obsessed with these MAC Retro matte liquid lipcolours too and wear them year round but I mostly wear the shade Carnivorous in the fall and occasionally in the winter.

Another favourite is this Tartiest Pro Glow Palette. It has four highlights, one powder contour and a cream one. Lit and Fire are the ones I love the most. I also prefer using Sculpt rather than Shade. I use this palette pretty much every time I do my makeup.

I love the Bath and Body Works candles. I burn them year round but more so in the fall and winter. My current favourites are the Black Cherry Merlot which you can get year round. I also love the Apple Harvest one and the Apple Pumpkin ones which you can only get for the fall. They smell soooo good! I try to stock up on them so I can still use them until I can get more the next fall.

What are your fall favourites this year?



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