Ottawa Tasting Tours Review

I owed Brittany a girls weekend away as a birthday gift from last year, so with some extensive research we stumbled upon a Tasting Tour in Ottawa. Nothing says girls weekend like wine & food!

We weren’t sure what to expect as we had never done a tasting tour before. We were sent a schedule through email beforehand so we knew where to go and at what time.

At each stop we were presented with a choice of wine or beer, and they chose what food to give us. They explained to us what each thing was and if there were any interesting facts about them.

We loved how each stop had something we had never tried before, and they all had a different part of a meal as well. Here is an example of the food we were given at the second stop and you can find a review on the Albion room here.

We loved the fact that most of the food were things we wouldn’t normally have tried. We thoroughly enjoyed most of it too!

It was a great way to see different parts of the Byward Market. We had time to walk around and enjoy the scenario before and after the tour as well.

I think the best part of the tour in my opinion however, was the way it made us feel. We walked into each of the stops on our itinerary, said why we were here, got served a drink, and then got brought food. With no menu and no wait times. Once we were done, we got up and left. It made us feel like VIPs or some famous people and we kept imagining what the people around us were thinking! It was nice to feel special for an evening.

After we were done the tour, we both agreed that this was something we would love to do again!

Have you done a tasting tour before? Any you would recommend we try next?



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