Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick Review

This is the first stick foundation I’ve ever used and there was definitely a lot of trial and error. I ended up getting this at Winners on a total whim. I went in for one thing and I always check the beauty section because you never know. I saw this foundation stick and thought that’s cool. A bit pale for me but whatever.

It was only as I was heading towards to checkout area that I realized I needed to look paler for my next Halloween look and maybe that ABH stick would be helpful after all. I doubled back and bought it. Good thing I did because I used it for two looks already and plan on using it again for my next one!

The one I got is in Alabaster. I don’t see it on Sephora’s site in that shade. For whatever reason I only see three shades so I probably would try to buy this from them online. They might have more in store.

I used this for my Wednesday Addams look as well and my take on the Cheshire Cat. It worked really well for the ‘teeth’.

I did have a hard time using it as a full coverage foundation though. I wasn’t sure how to really blend it out. Obviously I couldn’t just colour my face in and leave it. My foundation brush wouldn’t work. The product was too think. I fell back on my usual route with liquid foundation and used a damp beauty sponge.

It worked so much better that way! I would just smear it on my face in some areas and then blend it out with the sponge. For the ‘teeth’, I ended up using a small makeup brush. I swirled it in the foundation itself and then applied it as needed. I ended up building it up so it was think but that was the idea.

I wonder if I had issues because my skin is on the dryer side. I used moisturizer first, definitely do that if you have dry skin! But this might be geared more towards oily/combination skin.

I think having a stick foundation, in your shade of course, would actually be pretty handy. I feel like I would use it more for light coverage though. But maybe practice makes perfect and I just need to work at it more.

How do you guys use your stick foundation? Or do you prefer liquid or powder?



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