October Project Pan Update

Out with the old and in with the new! I filled my empties basket and I am oh so pleased about it! I mean sure, some are Bath and Body Works candles which are kind of big but I’m taking the win!

I finished more than I thought I would and I’m so excited about it! I did buy a couple of things but definitely had more going out than coming in. I’m not going to add anything to my lip project yet because I’m hoping I can finish one more first. Or at least make a whole lot more progress!

I definitely did really well these last two months though. I always used my primer before putting anything else on so it’s probably going to be finished soon. I focused mostly on the Bite lip crayon in Rhubarb though because I figured I could finish that one faster and I did. I did use the other products a few times to switch things up.

I think I’ll really push on the Rose Profond lipstick next. As for my purchases, I did buy a foundation stick that I totally forgot to include in my picture but oh well. I got this Too Faced foundation, two white eyeliners, and the Rose quarts facial roller because I keep hearing about them and I want to know if they actually do anything! I only intended to buy one white eyeliner but I wasn’t sure which one I would prefer so I figured I’d just get both.

I already know I’ll have way more purchases next update because I already put in a Colorpop order today. That and it is my birthday next month so I want to get a few things! Hopefully I can finish a few more things before that though!

I’m thinking of going through all of my collection either before the year ends or at the beginning of next year to clear out some things I’ll never use/don’t like. That and I seriously need to update my inventory excel sheet!

What are your tips on decluttering?



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