Benjamin’s 10 month update

Benjamin turned 10 months old last week but we had a doctors appointment yesterday so I wanted to wait to hear the results before writing a blog post.

So at 10 months old, Benji has 4 teeth (two top, two bottom,) says the words “dada,” “nana,” “num num,” and very occasionally the word “mama.” He knows how to get what he wants though. He loves to point and yell till you understand him.

He has recently become very good at cruising along furniture, he LOVES to eat, would eat all day long if I let him, and has started dancing. He loves to shake that little bum and has learnt the moves to If your Happy and you Know It.

Benjamin has become even more of cuddle bug has he has learnt to give kisses and big, big hugs. He still sleeps with us most nights, but is sleeping much better! I love having his sweet little body curled up against mine and waking up to his sweet face every morning.

He is about 20 pounds and so tall! Even though he is doing so well, his follow up appointment for his Laryngomalacia didn’t go as well as we hoped. They stuck a camera up his nose to see that even though it has slightly improved, it hasn’t improved enough. So we need to go back in another 4 months. He is on a new meditation because it was still very red and inflamed so they are hoping that helps. If it doesn’t, we have to look into what else could be causing it to look like that.

Even though it has improved, the doctor is still very concerned and kept saying how his case doesn’t make sense because it is so bad but he is doing so well. They gave us tips to prevent him from getting sick and were very happy to hear he isn’t in daycare.

I left the hospital feeling sad for my little man since he isn’t in the clear yet. I try very hard to express my concerns and prevent him from getting sick but I know people don’t understand the severity of his condition.

So even though people may think I am a bit crazy, I will continue to prevent sick people from coming into my home, and washing down everything he goes to touch in public in hopes that he will get better soon.



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