The Albion Rooms Review

Julie and I had a girls weekend in Ottawa recently and like the classy chicks we are, we did a wine and food tasting tour. The second stop we did was at The Albion Rooms.

We had never heard of it before and I know we never would have gone there otherwise. It’s set really far back from the road and takes up a little section of a hotel lobby. Unfortunately when we went it had been raining during the day so the terasses or well the patio to them, was closed. They had gorgeous wooden tables and twinkle lights all set up outside.

Because we were on the tour, the food was chosen for us and we were given an option on what kind of wine we wanted. We both went with rose. They gave us a charcuterie and it was really good! We got to try a lot of new things, including blue cheese, and duck!

They pickle their own veggies on site which is also pretty cool. They had tables and chairs obviously but they also had some couches and coffee tables set up too which is the perfect setting if you’re a group instead of just two people.

I’d definitely recommend checking this place out. If we go back, hopefully it will be with better weather so we can eat outside!

Have you ever made your own charcuterie? After trying this one, I definitely want to!



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