Bed Head Conditioner Review

I ran out of my last conditioner and while I was on one of many trips to Winners (I’m addicted), I picked this Bed Head by TIGI conditioner up. I pretty much only grabbed it because well obviously I was out of conditioner but also because I had heard a lot about the brand but never tried it for myself.

There are three different levels of how damaged your hair is. I picked up level one, because it was that or three and my hair isn’t that bad. I really like this conditioner. There are a few things that are kind of meh but overall I would definitely buy this again.

The first thing I noticed is how big this bottle is and I love it! It’s definitely going to last much longer than other ones I’ve used before. I know everyone says things like a ‘little goes a long way’, it’s me. I’m everyone. But for real, do not put this on your roots. Use a small amount on your strands but avoid the roots as much as possible. This conditioner is fantastic for my dry hair but my roots get greasy faster than the rest of my hair. If I use the conditioner there it seems to get greasy looking faster.

This smells so freaking good but the smell lingers on my hands and I absolutely hate that. I’m 100% okay with the smell lingering in my hair, and it does. But for some reason, it stays on my hands and then my face if I touch it. I straight up wash my hands after putting the conditioner in my hair. I don’t know why it bothers me so much though.

I definitely want to check out more of their hair products and maybe try the shampoo to match the conditioner.



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