Fall Sensory Bin

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It’s been awhile since I did a sensory bin with the babies, (should I start calling them kids soon? 😭) so I figured a rainy, indoor day was the perfect time too! I love fall, with the pretty colours and nice sweater weather. But apparently Montreal didn’t get the memo as it completely skipped over it and went straight to winter. It’s freezing already.

Anyways, I decided to keep this bin simple as I wasn’t in the mood to clean up a huge mess so we took out the rice. Instead, I replaced it with fall leaves I found at the dollar store. We also added some covers from food pouches I some how got a collection of, some Pom Poms (I misplaced the fall coloured ones so we reused the pink and red ones,) some toilet paper rolls and added fake small pumpkins and pine cones for that added fall touch.

This time around, I guess cause of their ages, the sensory bin was seriously so much fun. Nora was full of questions and trying to pronounce new words such as “pine cone.” She said pumpkin for the rest of the afternoon. I used the opportunity to go over the colours with her, and she had a blast rummaging through the leaves trying to collect all the pom poms. She added extra bowls to separate all the different materials.


Benjamin was so cute trying to use his pincer grasp to pick up the little pom poms and he loved putting them through the toilet paper roll. He kept trying to take whatever Nora was playing with so I love that it was a great opportunity to teach them about sharing. He enjoyed feeling the different textures of the leaves, and hearing his sister yell “Benji! Wook!!!”

They emptied, poured, shook, stacked, and laughed for over 45 minutes with this bin. I couldn’t believe it. Something so simple ended up having such a great turn out. I throughly enjoy an activity that has so many benefits and I love watching them learn. I wish we could do a sensory bin every day!

What is your favourite sensory activity?



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