Real Nature Avocado Mask Review

I got this face mask from a friend for my birthday last year and I finally got around to using it! It took me a while but it’s hard because I never know how my skin is going to react to trying a new product. So I usually try to time it to have nothing the day after incase I end up allergic to it.

Not only was my skin good with this mask, it looked so good!! It was ridiculously moisturizing. This is a basic sheet mask, wash your face, stick it on for 10-15 minutes, and then take it off. Of course it is just a one time use, like most sheet masks I’ve seen before.

The directions mentioned leaving the leftover cream on your face afterwards in order to let it soak in. There was so much cream with the mask that I ended up running it into my neck and hands too. You can see how shiny my face looks with the left over product. It was still a little dewy looking once it soaked in and my skin felt pretty soft.

Since I didn’t buy this one, I’m not completely sure where it is from since I know you can get it at The Face Shop but I also think you can get this brand from a site online.

I do have a few other masks to get through but I would definitely buy this one for myself! I wouldn’t recommend it if you have oily skin but this is a dream for people with dry, sensitive skin!

It doesn’t have a strong smell which I appreciate but my dogs still wanted to check it out!

Where do you guys get your masks from?



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