On The Rocks Shampoo & Conditioner

I felt like we needed more hair care reviews because that’s not something I change up very often. So when I was choosing what samples I wanted from one of my Sephora orders, I went with the Drybar On the Rocks shampoo and conditioner ones.

They were a one time use and my hair actually felt amazing after using them! I don’t I can justify spending $34 on each though. That feels like a lot to me. Maybe at some point in the future but not now.

So this one is the shampoo. It’s good for all types of hair and even for dyed hair. That’s always a plus in my book. I hate shampoos that fade dyes faster. This is also cruelty free! It has activated charcoal in it which is super in lately and has been for a while. You see that coming from multiple brands now.

Here is a look at the conditioner. I wasn’t expecting it to be grey but thought it was pretty cool. I was looking into this a little and one of the ingredients is coriander which I was really surprised about. Apparently it helps smooth the hair and boosts the shine.

I really like the products but as I said, I only used them once. I think I’d be more inclined to buy the bottles if they were a bit cheaper. I’ll definitely choose these if they come up again as sample options at Sephora though!

What is your go to shampoo/conditioner?



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