Benji’s 9 month update

9 months is always a biggie…how is it that our babies have been on the outside world for as long as they were inside us?! It always perplexes me!

The last 9 months have felt like a whirlwind. It doesn’t help that the first 6 are pretty much a blur…but my little man has taught me so so much in the little time that he has been apart of our family.

Not only has he taught me how to survive on very little to no sleep at all, but he has taught me patience and strength that I didn’t know I had. He has taught me not to judge others on their parenting (I have basically gone against all the things I believed before having kids,) and he has taught me what it feels like to feel complete and oh so full of love.


In the last month, our little Benji Bear has learnt to crawl (hallelujah,) we’ll sort of. He leaves one leg crossed and pushes off with the other foot…but hey, he gets around! He gets frustrated that he can’t quite keep up with his big sister but he has also started pulling up on things. So it probably won’t be much longer before he starts walking too.

Benji has started to catch on that he can be funny, so he spends his days pretend sneezing and clapping his hands. He loves to copy Nora when she coughs, shakes her head, and yells. His favorite toy right now is the Little People Farm, he loves putting the animals through the hole so that it sings. He loves pushing around cars, and jumping on his sister of course. He loves to crawl around on the couch and tries to climb over the edge of it.


Benjamin loves to play outside in the water table, loves to nap on long walks and he finally likes food! Like oh my god, he likes food sooo much. I think it is because he is starting to feel better. His stridor is basically non existent except for when he gets too excited, and he rarely throws up, even if we forget his medication. It makes me so happy to finally see him happy.

I would say his favorite foods are toast, pasta, and blueberries. He eats pretty much everything we give him, but you can tell by the way he scoffs those things down how much he really loves them. He still chokes on water but he is getting better with his sippy cup. He has two teeth and loves to make silly faces.




Benji is still a full on mama’s boy, I get showered in hugs and kisses all day long but for some reason he goes to bed easier for his Daddy. We still lay down with him to get him to sleep but he likes to climb all over me and fights it. I’m not complaining though, at least it gives them some special time together.

He is finally better with other people too. His face lights up when my mom comes home from work, and he voluntarily will ask to go in someone else’s arms. It makes me sad that he is growing up and changing so much, but I know they’re all changes for the better. I love spending time with my little man, and watching him evolve each day.



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