August Project Pan Update

Brace yourselves you guys… 22 EMPTIES! Woooohoo! I seriously feel really good about these last two months. I still bought some stuff this month but I managed to clear out more than I thought I would. I’m already off to a good start for the next update too because I have a couple of things that I’m SO close to finishing.

So here are my empties since the last update. Some bigger products and a couple of samples too. I really do need to focus on some samples these next two months but it’s just so satisfying to finish a full sized product. I’ve already replaced my Lush shampoo from the tin container. It’s been quite a while since I’ve finished any nail polishes so I’m glad to have one cleared out. I’m s little over halfway through a mini bottle so hopefully I’ll be finished that one soon.

I’ve been making progress on my lip products but I think this month I want to focus on these little samples I have. I finished one for this update but I’m hoping for more next time. I’ll still use the lip products I’ve been using, just not as much.

Here are the lip product updates. I think I’ll end up finishing the Bite one in Rhubarb and the Bare Minerals lipgloss in Rebel first. I seem to make the most progress on those too. I might switch colours next update but I’ll keep using those ones for sure.

I have two hauls, one was from winners and the other was from Sephora. I went to winners to put together a little gift basket for a friends birthday and well you know. I found a few Too Faced things I wanted to try and they were so cheap! I couldn’t help myself! The rest are from Sephora, more products that I’ve never tried before but I’ve heard a lot about so I’m checking them out.

I’ll post reviews of course but I’ll use them all a few times first. I’m aiming to hit 12 or more empties in my next update, especially because my bday is in November so I wanna try to clear stuff out before I buy myself anything new.

Wish me luck!



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