Benji’s 7 & 8 month updates

I think I’m getting worse at these monthly updates but I seriously don’t see the time pass by. I’m going to try and remember what happened at 7 month vs 8 but looking back at Benjamin’s 6 month one, so much has changed.

I feel like with each milestone it was a veryyy slow progress so I’ve had a hard time pinpointing exactly when each thing happened. That, and I can’t watch him 24/7 either. But, Benjamin finally started sitting up, I would say, just after he turned 7 months. During that time, we also started putting him in his crib. Some days he sleeps in there for every nap and all night long, and sometimes, like today, he still likes to be cuddled up to mama. Most mornings I bring him to bed with me, and I am not complaining. I love sleeping beside him. He just started moving so much it got to the point where I wasn’t sleeping at all.

More recently, Benji started enjoying tummy time due to his reflex meds so has therefore began to get up on his knees. He wants to crawl so badly, but instead just rocks and launches himself forward. This has resulted in him banging into stuff, so we really have to watch him.

He loves to say the word “dada” and only says “mama” when he’s upset and crying. He loves to clap his hands, read books, and go for walks. His sister is still is favourite person, and he loves to watch her sing and dance.

He doesn’t show any interest in watching tv, dislikes all diaper/clothes changes, and still hates being in the car.

Benjamin is, and I think will always be, a little cuddle bug. He gives kisses and hugs all day long, and still loves to be in our arms. He is still unsure about strangers, but is getting better with family members.

I love watching his progress and seeing his personality grow. I hope he stays our silly, sweet, little mama’s boy.

(I lost the 8 month tie…I know no one is surprised)



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