Bubble Foam Sensory Activity

Now that Benjamin is becoming more independent, I’m finding myself looking for things to do. At first I told myself I should clean more, but then it dawned on me that this is the perfect time to spend some quality time with my babes. I know once Benji starts moving, it’s going to get chaotic.

So Nora is in a “buggle” stage where she wants to play with and in bubbles 24/7. She either wants to be in the bath, playing with her water table or yelling at me because she can’t catch the bubbles I blow in her direction. Hence why I decided to look up bubble ideas on Pinterest.

Originally, I saw the activity that uses shaving cream, but I knew Benjamin would put it in his mouth and I wanted it to be an activity that they could do together. So when I came across this one that uses bubble bath, I figured it was a good alternative.

It only takes 3 simple ingredients to make bubble foam:

  1. Water
  2. Bubble bath
  3. Food colouring (optional)

Using a hand mixer, mix 1/2 cup of water with 1/4 cup bubble bath, and a drop of food colouring for one minute on med-high.

I was in a rush and too excited that I don’t think I mixed it quite enough but it still came out so cool!

I decided to make enough foam to put in the kids small turtle pool as I knew it was something they would want to physically play in. Therefore, I made 3 batches in 3 different colours. I probably could have made a few more batches though.

To my delight, Benjamin basically dove into the foam and Nora just kept excitedly yelling “buggles! Buggles!”

Nora went and got some props for them to mix and play with the bubbles and they played for a good half hour! That’s a win in my books.

The foam started to lessen so I just added some water so that they could continue playing.

The baby bubble bath worked well, seeing as they did get in their faces and Nora was having fun washing everyone. It also smelt amazing which was a big plus.

I think this was a GREAT activity for my little munchkins and I think it would be fun for any and all ages! I loved seeing them squish it between their fingers, splash, and mix. They picked it up, and felt it on their toes. I look forward to doing this again.



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