Tariest Pro Glow Palette Review

Forever here for the highlight! This Tariest Pro Glow palette has been my one and only highlight/contour palette. I currently have no interest in getting another one because I seriously love this one.

Inside, you have two mirrors on the sides and all six pans in the middle. They consist of four highlights, a cream contour, and a powder one. While I have used both contours, I’m definitely more comfortable with the powder contour, it is more forgiving for beginners.

I got this from Sephora a while ago but it is definitely still available. You can either get the full one for $59 CAD, or they have a smaller one, the Pro Glow to go, which contains 2 different highlights and a different contour shade. That one is $26 CAD.

Here are swatches of all six pans. The lit highlight is definitely my favourite and I tend to use that one more than the others.

I’ve been using this palette for quite a while and still haven’t hit pan on anything. I don’t plan on buying any other highlight palettes as long as I have this one because they are all I need, same goes for contour palettes. Tarte also has one that looks the same but holds highlights and blushes. I might consider that one but we will see.

Have you guys tried any Tarte highlights? Did you like them?



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