La Maison Lavande review


So I am very embarrassed to admit that in my 25 years of existence here in Montréal, this is the first time I made it to the lavender fields. It is open all year round but the lavender is at its peak during June and July. For many years in a row we said we would go and never made it there!

Anyways, Brittany and I went June 21st, so it might have been a bit early in the season and since we didn’t have the greatest spring, the lavender had an odd white-ish colour to it as you can see in this picture:

Even though it wasn’t what we were expecting, we still had a great time. We had the second part of the fields all to ourselves so Nora could roam as she pleased and we got some great shots in the process.

The staff there was absolutely amazing, and they have the cutest little gift shops and places to visit. There’s a bistro with a terrasse, a giant swing, a place to relax, and many great props for great photo opportunities. Unfortunately, we got there late on a Friday afternoon with only an hour to spare, so we didn’t get to enjoy all of the perks but we will definitely go back just for that!

I keep telling people how amazing this place is so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great photo spot or even just to unwind and forget about everything for awhile. I will cherish these photos for a very long time!



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