June Project Pan Update

May and June weren’t too bad when it came to empties but I’ll admit, I did end up buying a lot too. I’ve also made some decent progress on my lip products! I’m hoping to do even better next month.

First up, empties! I finished my cleanser, which I’ve already replaced with one from Origins. Hand soap, 2 Lush bath bombs, deodorant, a nose strip, and a conditioner cream.

Overall not bad but I think I’ll have more during my next update. At least I’m hoping I do. I can’t wait until I finish more lip products.

Speaking of which, I did make some decent progress on them. More than I thought I did because I kept forgetting to use them or I would end up using other ones. The Bite Rubarb and the Bare Minerals lipgloss, Rebel, are really coming along! I kind of want to change the colours again but if I do, I’ll never get anything done! I’ll keep them all the same for two more months but I might change just one of them after the next update. I guess it will depend how much progress I’ve made.

I ended up buying a few things but I only actually needed the cleanser. I also bought a third Too Faced Peach Puff but I didn’t end up taking a picture of it because I bought it separately. I haven’t tried everything yet but I’ve been loving the ones I have used. I’ve used the Peach Puffs, the Ginzing cleanser, and the Fenty Beauty lip paint.

I haven’t even attempted to pan any eyeshadow in a while. I feel like I wear it less often in the summer. I usually only wear it when I’m going out at night so I’ll wait until the Fall or Winter to add that back into my projects. I’m considering starting a rolling project pan. I’d pick a product from a couple of different categories and then use it until it’s done. When it’s done, I replace it with another one.

Have you guys ever done a rolling project pan? Any suggestions about it?



2 thoughts on “June Project Pan Update

  1. Great progress! I haven’t felt like blogging lately. I’ve been sick. I’m dealing with getting my car back from my dad. I have to get the police involved, because he won’t give my car back and keeps harassing me through texts. I have responded to him in a month and a half. My apartment is FULL of mold. I have an inspector coming to give me a free estimate and my rights. My landlord is a jerk and we are pretty sure he’s gonna kick us out instead of fixing the problem and then, we will win about 5k in court. Still worrisome bc court takes time and we’d have to live with my boyfriends mom in one bedroom. Not ideal. Then, to top it all off, I might be pregnant. I missed my period recently, but my test is still negative. I also started a new class, so life has been hectic to say the least. I put blogging on standby for when I feel like posting. Still enjoy reading my favorites though. Plus, I think I’m going to focus on finishing my book, once the craziness dies down a bit.

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    1. Girl that is insane! You have so much going on! Panning/blogging definitely takes back burner. You might have missed your period due to all that stress. I’ve definitely had scares with extremely late periods when I’ve had a lot going on. One issue at a time and stay strong girl. We are always here if you need to talk about anything 💕 I hope it all works out though. Especially with the apartment! It’s you, your boyfriend, and your son right? Living with his mom won’t be ideal but at least that is a fallback option, worst case scenario. What books have you been reading lately? That’s definitely a good distraction. What book are you working on now?


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