GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser Review

This isn’t my first time using this Origins cleanser but for some reason I just never wrote about it before. This first time I tried this, it was just a little sample with the moisturizer. I loved it and knew I wanted to get a full sized one. Well I finally did!

I had a few other cleansers so I finished them before getting this one and started it again. I don’t have the moisturizer though but I might get it. I absolutely love using them together!

This kind of smells like oranges and it’s so fresh and invigorating. It is energizing and makes your skin feel so smooth because it is also a scrub. It leaves you feeling very refreshed.

It’s super easy to use, make sure your face is damp. Then slowly rub it on, it doesn’t exactly foam up, but it does go from kind of clear to a bit white. Then you can rinse or wipe it all off.

This product is available at Sephora. On top of that, it’s also one of their ‘Clean at Sephora’ products! The 5oz like I have is $27CAD.

What other Origins products have you guys tried?



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