Morphe Continuous Setting Mist Review

I’ve never used a setting spray like this before! I heard about it in one of Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube videos and decided I’d try it myself since I’ve liked all of the other Morphe products that I’ve tried so far.

You guys. The continuous spray is seriously life changing. Why don’t all setting sprays have this?! I find with typical sprays you can see the wet dots on your face until it dries and you hope that it won’t affect your makeup. With the continuous spray, you don’t get that! Just one long spray to cover your whole face and it just feels so good. This actually looks like a can of hair spray.

It smells pretty good and the price is totally worth it. You can get it at Ulta, which is where I got mine but you can also order from Morphe, get it in their store, or through Sephora. Morphe and Sephora both have it for $20 CAD which is pretty good.

I’m not sure if Morphe is cruelty free. A lot of articles that I’ve found indicate that they are but some mention that they use animal hairs in some of their brushes. They have declared that they don’t test in animals and neither do their suppliers so I’m not sure. I think they are kind of in a grey area because of the animal haired brushes.

I have other setting sprays to use but this one has been my go to. I’m not looking forward to running out but I’ll definitely be picking this one up again!

Favourite setting spray?



2 thoughts on “Morphe Continuous Setting Mist Review

  1. Ive been given the Huda Beauty Like A Boss setting spray and I never realized how necessary of a step it is! I never used a setting spray before. Im never oily when I set my face even with no makeup on. I will still use this to set my face and I stay oil free all day. I love it. I cannot wait to try more bc Huda is $33 and Id loke to find something more affordable that is just as good.


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