Where did my babies go?!

If you follow us on Instagram I apologize profusely for all the times I said I was going to write this post and then didn’t… life has just been so crazy! I know it sounds like excuse after excuse but it just doesn’t make sense. Sick babies and problems and birthdays and so many social plans…ANYWAYS. I apologize for being so inactive for the last month or so.

While all this other stuff was going on, my baby girl turned 18 months old (well, 19 now), and my Benji Bear turned 6 months old yesterday. Like how? Where did my babies go?!

We had Nora’s doctors appointment last month and she is on track for all her milestones. She says around 25-30 words, knows all her animals noises, loves to climb, read and play outside. She still enjoys music, and is always singing and dancing. She LOVES to make people laugh, so is always doing something goofy. She copies everything we do, including sneezing, coughing and stretching. She is becoming more of a sassy pants, but we’ve pretty much got her temper tantrums under control. She thrives on routine and knowing what’s happening next, at all times.

I feel like the minute she turned 18 months, she became a whole new child. She understands so much, and is so lovey dovey. She finally plays with her stuffed animals, and will actually cuddle with me! She’s becoming my best friend, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It makes me so proud to see what an amazing little human we’ve managed to raise so far.

Since we’ve been seeing doctors so frequently lately, we only go for Benji’s milestone appointment next month at 7 months. So far he’s doing well though. He now weighs 17 pounds, and still has a big head…haha. He finally started rolling over! Even though he doesn’t like it very much, it’s a work in progress. He can also sit for a few seconds at a time. He officially said his first word “Dada,” and is starting on what sounds like “Mama,” when upset. He is still over the moon in love with his big sister and is starting to show a big interest in books. He likes his jumper, but won’t play on his playmat for very long.

Benjamin is our little love bug, always giving kisses and would rather be held all day long than getting down to play. He likes to be outside though!

Unfortunately, we haven’t got his tummy troubles figured out yet, but we have just switched him to a hypoallergenic formula. So we shall see! The soy only worked for a few weeks.

Somewhere along the way we stopped breastfeeding. I wanted to make a big deal out of the “last time” but my heart couldn’t do it. I loved our breastfeeding journey SO much, it breaks my heart just thinking about it. I still think that maybe had I tried a bit harder and not been so lazy, maybe he wouldn’t be still so sick all the time. I know there’s no way to know, but the thoughts are always in the back of my mind. I hate thinking I took away the sole comfort he had, as he is still struggling and I often have trouble soothing him.

So far where his breathing is concerned, we have done multiple x-rays, scans, seen a cardiologist, and still no results. I’m not sure if it has gotten better or it is just a part of who his is now. We are very, very, slowly introducing solids, in purée form however, since they still make him throw up more.

Besides all of his troubles, our Benji Bear is a very happy, energetic little guy. Even though people still aren’t bonding with him well, I’ve decided to look at it more as it just means there’s more love for me that I don’t have to share. He won’t be a mama’s boy forever so I’ll soak up all the moments I have with him while I can.



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