Peach Puff Review

This was harder to get my hands on than I thought it would be! The Peach Puff from Too Faced is one of their newer products and they have been selling out on Sephora so quickly! I managed to get my hands on two of them though and I must say, I am happy I did!

I panicked when I first got these because I couldn’t get any product to come out. You have to twist the bottom to get the colour to come through the puff part but it takes quite a few twists. At first I though maybe one of them was defective because it took so long to get any colour but the second one was the same way. Once the colour came through though, I had no other issues with it.

The two colours I got are Velvet Rope (the darker one) and Peachin’ to the Choir. So far I read like them. The colour is buildable so you can make it bolder if you want or you can keep it soft.

The formula is pretty unique. It feels creamy when you put it on and it’s hard to believe that it will actually dry and become a lip stain. It’s really long lasting too! As it dries, it doesn’t feel like it’s sucking all the moisture out of your lips. It’s definitely more moisturizing than I expected.

They have quite a few colours and I honestly want to pick up more of them but I’m going to wait because I have way too many lip products now… Okay well I’m at least going to try to wait!

Did you guys get your hands on these yet? What do you think?



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